Sue Unix Event - 30 & 31 maart 2017


Het succesvolle Sue Unix Event, kortweg SUE, was eind maart 2017 weer een geweldige ervaring voor onze sprekers en deelnemers. SUE faciliteert kennisdeling tussen toonaangevende experts en technische specialisten op het gebied van Unix en Linux. Tijdens SUE staat tijdens het op beide dagen vrijwel identieke programma, de uitwisseling van kennis centraal.

Een impressie van het SUE 2017 ziet u hieronder. Een impressie van SUE 2016 vindt u op waar u tevens de presentaties van dat jaar kunt bekijken.

Alvast noteren in de agenda? 12 en 13 april 2018 organiseren wij SUE 2018.

SUE 2017 Impressie

Ontspannen details

Met onze sprekers over hun expertise van gedachten wisselen, zowel tijdens hun talk als achteraf.

Leerzame workshop

Na de lunch gaat een groep deelnemers creatief en hands-on aan de slag.

Vol belangstelling

Twee dagen aandachtig en kritisch publiek waarbij de sprekers scherp en de deelnemers op het puntje van hun stoel worden gehouden.

Gezellige kennisdeling

Onder het genot van koffie, een uitgebreide lunch en 's middags een smoothie, is er ruimschoots de gelegenheid voor kennisdeling. Na afloop wordt bij de borrel gezellig bijgekletst.

Aandacht en inspiratie

Het open karakter van SUE biedt ruimte voor vragen tijdens de talks en de interactie met het publiek wordt door de sprekers gewaardeerd.


Het Sue Unix Event wordt gehouden op 30 en 31 maart 2017 in ons pand te Geldermalsen.


Informatie over onze sprekers, hun achtergrond en onderwerp zijn in het Engels opgesteld.

Thomas di Giacomo



As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo drives the rapid innovation and growth of SUSE's expanding portfolio from the enterprise Linux operating system to software-defined solutions such as the OpenStack cloud infrastructure, Ceph-based storage, and software-defined networking solutions. He engages customers, partners, and open source communities to share and define SUSE’s technological vision.
Di Giacomo has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, serving in various global leadership roles in engineering and product innovation, with expertise in open source platforms, development, and support of global information systems and technologies applied to various industries such as telecommunication, hospitality, and healthcare.
Di Giacomo holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Geneva where he was a senior software developer & researcher involved in both academic work and joint corporate projects with international leading enterprises.


Open Source, software-defined infrastructure and how it enables developers and business applications

Florian Haas


Florian has been an active member of the OpenStack community since early 2011. He has driven and contributed to lively discussions within the community about OpenStack high availability, distributed storage integration, automation and deployment, and other topics. Florian has spoken about OpenStack at previous OpenStack Summits and also at OSCON, LinuxCon, [1] and many other conferences. When he is not speaking at conferences, Florian discharges his duties as CEO of professional services firm hastexo (which has a strong OpenStack focus), and also acts as a Principal Consultant serving hastexo's high-profile clients.


Fragile development: Why Scrum sucks, and what you should be doing instead
As clearly depicted from his biography, Florian has a vast amount of experience in various projects. Being a part of the community he first handedly experienced the impact of the majority of methods available for project progress and delvery. This talk will focus on the impact that scrum, specifically, has on a open source project during its lifetime.

Sergi 'pancake' Alvarez


Sergi is the author of Radare, as well as other open source tools related to security and software development. He works as mobile security analyst for NowSecure, a company that focuses on mobile app security. His past experience is in forensic analysis, embedded Linux firmware development and writing media codec optimizations for MIPS and ARM-based architectures running GStreamer. He is active in open source and Linux environments as administrator and developer.


Reverse engineering
Radare is an open source framework for reverse engineering. Created by Sergi and with the help of a large list of random contributors around the globe, it provides apis and tools to disassemble, analyze, emulate and debug a large variety of platforms. This presentation will show some advanced usage of the tool and practical examples to demonstrate its capabilities.

Thomas Hatch


Tom is the creator and principal architect of SaltStack. His years of experience as principle cloud architect for Beyond Oblivion, software engineer for Applied Signal Technology, and systems admin for provided real-world insight into requirements of the modern data center not met by existing tools. Tom's knowledge and hands-on experience with dozens of new and old infrastructure management technologies helped to established the vision for Salt. Today, Tom is one of the most active contributors in the open-source community. For his work on Salt, in 2012 Tom received the Black Duck 'Rookie of the Year' award and was named to the GitHub Octoverse list in both 2012 and 2013 for leading a project with the highest number of unique contributors, rubbing shoulders with projects from Android, Mozilla and OpenStack.


Assisting cloud builders, data center operators and enterprise IT organizations to automate better.
Abstract will follow!

Charity Majors


Charity Majors, professionally caremad about computers, is cofounder and CTO of a new startup focused on making machine data explorable and delightful. Until recently she was a Production Engineering Manager at Facebook spending 3.5 years working on Parse (both pre and post-acquisition). She also spent several years at Linden Lab, working on the infrastructure that powers Second Life. Majoring in classical piano performance in college, but dropped out because it turns out preferring making money. She has been building systems and managing engineering teams ever since and loves startups, chaos and hard scaling problems. Though somehow she always ends up dealing with databases.


Next generation observability, for emerging infrastructures like distributed services, microservices, polyglot persistence, and of course containers and schedulers. A tech talk about related trends. The talk will be a vision of the future so people know what the freight train of complexity about to hit them looks like.


Rudi van Drunen


Rudi is a hardware geek with a background in electronics, who is hooked on the lower layers of the (UNIX) ecosystem. Currently he is employed as devops engineer SpronQ and owner of Xlexit Technology B.V.


In this workshop we will cover the basics of a IoT system, a sensordevice, message broker, data store and presentation layer. We will be building an actual system using a small sensorboard that connects over wifi to a mqtt messagebroker and deliver its data to a storage and presentation system.


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